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Xtreme16/Xtreme16USB reviews

"Midrange frequencies are characterized by transparency, detail retrieval and precision in timbre reproduction of instruments in this spectrum, while voices are clearly focused in space while retaining their dynamics" Demetres Stamatakos-avmentor

"I was, frankly, astonished by the result. Bass was immediately impressive, deep and strong. The midrange was clear and open and the treble sweet"

"Much to my surprise it did bear out the manufacturer's claim that it punches above its weight"

"I'm thinking I'm going to miss this unit when it goes back to the manufacturer tomorrow." Andy Norman-tnt audio

"over the last few months, there have been a couple of digital amplifier's in the house and without a doubt this unit, whilst being far from the most expensive, seemed the most truthful to the original recording."

"I could very easily live with the Xtreme16!

Stuart Smith-hifipig

Why choose our products

-- Xtreme value products only through HONEST pricing.

-- Xtreme quality handmade products.

-- Xtreme eco-friendly product. BE ACTIVE!!!

-- Beautiful,distinctive all in one enclosure for your living room.

-- True high end performance for the discerning listener.

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